How Many Classes Should You Take A Week?

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Not sure how many classes a week you should take? Don't worry, we got you! This is a tough answer and one I recommend that you chat with a coach before you go on and make some shit up on your own. Ideally, I want all of you working out 4 times a week, but here are some recommendations:

If you're only working out 4 times a week:

  1. Upper Body Class [oakland booty]
  2. Lower Body Class [hella arms and abs, kick ass]
  3. Cardio Class [hard core homo, kick ass]
  4. Recovery Class [yoga, meditation, so knotty]

If you're only working out 3 times a week:

  1. Lower Body
  2. Upper Body
  3. Recovery

If you're only working out 2 times a week:

  1. Full Body [hard core homo]
  2. Recovery

Queer Combat aka Our Self Defense Course

Last week we took a group of members to the shooting range and other members where like, "fuck guns! We'd rather learn self defense." 

Ok. Here you go.

the queer gym

Come learn self defense from a bad ass! We're offering a self defense course. Starts December 3rd and meets every Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks. We'll figure out what we wanna do around the Xmas weekend based on a group consensus. No experience needed. Members get first dibs, then we open up to the rest of the community to join us. Max is 15 people. Will sale out. 

Want More Strength? --you even know what that means?

If you've ever said your goal was to get stronger, please watch this video. Did you really mean strength ooooor are you actually wanting muscle endurance? 

What's the difference? Watch this video. 

Why's this important? Uh...well....because when your coach asks you what your goal is, you might want to be on the same page.

Just watch the video.


Free Shit


Each time you sign up for workouts on a desktop, you get 1 point. Each point is worth a $1. You don't get the points if you sign up through the app. Shitty, I know. We're working to resolve this issue right now.

Account Credit

You can earn account credit when you refer your homos and homies. Example, you get $100 bucks each time your referral signs up. 

How to redeem?

You can see and use your reward points and account credit by logging into Mindbody on a desktop or you can buy them at the gym from any coach. You can't see them or buy stuff. Again, we are working on fixing this. 

What Can you Buy?

  • Private Sessions $70
  • Semi Private Sessions $50
  • Guest Pass $10
  • Bars $3
  • Lacrosse Ball $8
  • Foam Roller $15
  • Gift Certificates
  • More coming soon...

What you can't buy?

  • Membership dues
  • No show fees

Questions? Email us at


We Give Lots of Fucks

Yeah, we give lots of fucks about your feedback. We wanna know how we're doing every. damn. day. because it's that important to us. In fact, it's a metric that is closely watched because it measures not only how the gym is performing, but also how good our coaches are delivering awesome workouts to you. We don't have a suggestion box at the gym, but we do have one right on your phone: the Mindbody App.

After each workout, your app allows you to review your workout and your coach. Kinda like how you review your uber driver. You can give us 5 hearts and/or leave comments. You don't have to leave comments, but I'm not gonna lie...our coaches really dig them. The reviews aren't anonymous because if we ever really fuck things up, we want to be able to reach out to that person and fix it. Don't worry about hurting our feelings if you don't dig your workout. We grown.

I made a little video to show you exactly where to go on the app to review. Check it:



Why You Feel Like Dying After Missing A Few Days At the Gym?

Ever came back to the gym after missing a few days and felt like day 1 allll ovvvver again?! You're like, "damn! I was only gone a week or two!" Wanna know why? It's this nerdy thing called VO2 Max.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.55.26 AM.png

VO2 Max is the max amount of oxygen your body can use. It's on of the fastest things that improved when you start working out. It's also one of the first things to go. That's why they say this workout thing has to be a lifestyle...In just 14 days of not working out, your V02 Max drops 10%. If you miss an entire month it drops to 15% and by 3 months of not working out you can kiss 20% of your VO2 Max goodbye. 

Think about this as the holidays are coming up. 

Don't just COMPLETELY stop working out. Traveling? Drop down and do a 5 minute AMRAP of burpees...that will get that VO2 Max from dipping! 

Book your next workout here.

Where Did Queer 101 Come From?

I want to tell you where Queer 101 came from. See in the beginning we were unofficially known as "the lesbian gym" and when we started to call ourselves an LGBT gym, shit got real. See I was just a really good L, I didn't too much about the Gs and the B's and I had no idea how little I knew about the T's. 

the queer gym

At that point, I had to decide if I wanted to just stay as "the lesbian gym" or if I wanted to actually do the work it took to truly be an all inclusive LGBT gym. I wanted to be the real deal and legit, so I was down to do the work. 

I called the Lyon Martin clinic and basically was like, "uh I'm trying to do this thing and I need to know what I don't know. Will you teach me?" They did. I literally sat in the clinic's director's office and was put through my very first ever queer 101. 

My jaw dropped at how much I didn't know and this was just on the cultural side. There was still all the clinical stuff I needed to know about, but that would come at a later time. So then I was like ok, cool, now I know...but then I was like, oh shit, my staff doesn't know and I'm not good enough yet to teach them. 

Soooo, I called Lyon Martin again and I'm like, "yeah you know that Queer 101 thing we did, can y'all do that for my staff?" They came out to the gym and put my staff through Queer 101 and since then, they've been required to go through this training twice a year.

Awhile ago, we decided to open up our training to the community because even though my staff was now killing it at building an inclusive, safe space...some of my members could use a little queer 101 love. From there,we let our members also invite anyone they thought could use a little queer 101.

the queer gym

And that's how queer 101 came to be and that's played a vital role in helping us accomplish our mission of making happy, healthy homos by providing a safe space with a community that gives a damn about you and your goals!

Queer 101 has now taken on a life of its' own. We currently are working with the city of Oakland and putting their tourism department through Queer 101. We will be working with them on building a queer 101 certification that businesses have to go through in order to be listed on their website as queer owned and friendly business. Business owners and employees will be able to learn about pronouns and how to better serve their queer customers amongst other things. 

Crazy how far Queer 101 has come and I'm sure has yet to go. DOPE! 

Now will you be joining us this Thursday at 730pm at the gym? RSVP here

Attendance Contest

Fall is awesome! The weather changes, the Oakland sunsets are sexy AF and they pumpkin spice the shit outta everything! The only downfall to fall: you fall off your workout routine. Womp. Womp...wommmmmp.

So this year, we're going to combat this by paying your ass to show up to the gym. Yeah, that's right show up and we pay up! Cha-ching!

Here's how it works:

the queer gym

15(workouts + reviews) in november = $100 account credit
15(workouts + reviews) in december = $100 account credit

Yo! That's $200 dollars for being healthy AF during the holidays. 


As if cash money isn't motivation enough, here's other cool things that happen when you show up to workout here with us:

the queer gym
  1. You automatically get 1 point every time you workout with us. That point is worth a $1. You can use those points to buy pretty much anything from us except your monthly dues. So that's bars, shirts, foam rollers, GIFT CARDS (coming soon) and NO SHOW FEES! Yeah, NO SHOW FEES! 
  2. Once you reach 100 workouts, you get to be gay-mous for evah by getting to slap your name on the infamous Hundo Wall at the gym. Only the most baddest homos and homies allowed on that wall. 
  3. Lastly, you get healthy AF during the holidays! 

So click here and get to bookin' your workouts. Everyone is automatically entered and winners and money will be the 1st of each month. We are going to go STRICTLY off what Mindbody shows for your attendance, so make sure you are checked in for your workouts. 

No falling off during fall (and winter) for us! No way!

Let's get it! 

​Briget's Story: Assessment Day

I have been a member at The Queer Gym since June of 2016. I suffer from chronic pain due to an autoimmune disorder. I have tried many forms of bodywork, acupuncture, yoga, dietary adjustment—you name it… I found myself at a crossroads – continue dealing with the pain by lying down or build some strength and learn to trust my body again.

the queer gym

One day my fiancé and I were brainstorming about what I could do to change the ongoing cycle of suffering. Harlow had recently started training at a Krav Maga gym and was finding a lot of satisfaction in strength training. They encouraged me to get off my butt and try out the Queer Gym.

I have been going to classes at this badass gym about 3-5 times per week ever since. I am finding community and developing a whole new connection and trust dialogue with my body. However, I had been feeling that my limits were very clearly defined by my mind. Like I was never actually going to get stronger, and that it was ok to only work a little hard in classes.

On October 1, I went to my first assessment day. I was a little nervous going into it, but when I walked in and saw familiar faces I settled in and decided to just enjoy it.  The 10-minute AMRAP showed be that I COULD actually do legit burpees—and more than one at that—which was far from the truth when I first joined. Then it was on to the one rep max discoveries. I was able to deadlift 145 lbs! WHAT??? And 130 lbs for my back squat; you gotta be kidding me!

the queer gym

On Monday morning after assessment day, I went to the 7 am Oakland Booty class and man, I kicked butt. I was sore as all hell, but something had clicked for me. Seeing what I was capable of at the assessment boosted my confidence and gave me a new sense of willingness to really do my work out. I was not afraid to add more and more weight for my front squats. I did a TON of box jumps—like actual jumps. Amazing! Up to that point I had only been able to do the step-ups, which is totally legit, but it felt great to push myself to the next level.

The next day at Kick Ass Cardio, nothing could get in my way. Hell, I even felt good about jogging up to the pole and back. I worked hard and sweat hard and knew that I could push myself.

The assessment day really created a shift in my workouts. I feel like I found a new willingness to work hard and push myself. I felt really supported at the assessment and like I belong at the gym and in this community.

I highly recommend participating in the next one. It is fun, social, and inspiring. Who could ask for anything more?

See y’all at the gym!


The Gym's Coming Out Story

Yes, we are the first and only queer gym in the Nation, but for the first 3 years of business we weren't "out" about it. 

We always knew we were gay, but were'nt sure how everyone else would take it.

  • Would we be accepted?
  • Shunned?
  • Are we even SURE we're the first and only lgbt gym in the Nation?!
the queer gyn

I guess that was step 1: find out if we were really the first and only lgbt gym...maybe this was just a phase??? 

After hiring 2 marketing firms and a shit ton of my own research...YUP! We sure as hell were! There were other gyms that were lgbt owned. There were other gyms that were "straight," but just in a gayborhood. So yup, we were the first and only lgbt gym and we were ready to come O-U-T BITCHES! 

So in year 3, we came out and claimed it! At that point, we were like, HELLLLAAAAA gay! You know when you're like, just coming out and you just start to vomit rainbows on EVERYTHING! Yeah! Kinda like that. We came out in full force! You could always find us at the clubs, all the prides. If it was gay, the queer gym was there! 

And well...not much has changed since then. We're still hella gay. We're still the first and we're still the only. And we're OUT more than evah.

Today's National Coming Out Day and if you're ready to come hang OUT with us...then click here and in here.

...Oh and here. We'll even throw in some deals:

free classes all day!

the queer gym

Check out our schedule. Just show up!