Attendance Contest

Fall is awesome! The weather changes, the Oakland sunsets are sexy AF and they pumpkin spice the shit outta everything! The only downfall to fall: you fall off your workout routine. Womp. Womp...wommmmmp.

So this year, we're going to combat this by paying your ass to show up to the gym. Yeah, that's right show up and we pay up! Cha-ching!

Here's how it works:

the queer gym

15(workouts + reviews) in november = $100 account credit
15(workouts + reviews) in december = $100 account credit

Yo! That's $200 dollars for being healthy AF during the holidays. 


As if cash money isn't motivation enough, here's other cool things that happen when you show up to workout here with us:

the queer gym
  1. You automatically get 1 point every time you workout with us. That point is worth a $1. You can use those points to buy pretty much anything from us except your monthly dues. So that's bars, shirts, foam rollers, GIFT CARDS (coming soon) and NO SHOW FEES! Yeah, NO SHOW FEES! 
  2. Once you reach 100 workouts, you get to be gay-mous for evah by getting to slap your name on the infamous Hundo Wall at the gym. Only the most baddest homos and homies allowed on that wall. 
  3. Lastly, you get healthy AF during the holidays! 

So click here and get to bookin' your workouts. Everyone is automatically entered and winners and money will be the 1st of each month. We are going to go STRICTLY off what Mindbody shows for your attendance, so make sure you are checked in for your workouts. 

No falling off during fall (and winter) for us! No way!

Let's get it!