My Yoga Rant

When I tell folks, "hey, you should come to yoga," they're quick to say, "oh, I am SO NOT flexible." That's cool. You don't need to be. See yoga isn't so much about being flexible. It's more about being able to talk a break from adulting all the damn time and just chill the fuck out. We're all not THAT flexible, but we all can benefit from taking a moment to just...brrrreeeeaaathhh!

So if you're not flexible, who gives a shit?! 

Plus, we're not a "fufu" yoga studio full of MILF's and Lulu Lemon yoga pants. We're The Queer Gym, where you can come in your pjs with all that inflexibility, whatever body type you have ---bc #bodypositivity--- and still find us welcoming you with open arms to your new yoga practice. 

So don't come for the flexibility of it. Come for the peace of mind. Come for the self care. Come because you and your body and your skill level are welcomed.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

Just come to yoga.


Yoga: Mon and Wed at 8pm and Wed morning at 7am.

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