Meet Our Customer Service Ninja

Hola! I'm Mj, the customer service ninja. I basically take care of you when shit comes up like a billing question, a scheduling conflict or anything else that might possibly come up. However because we're so "techy," here are the best ways to manage your membership account.

1. Do it on MBO

Whenever you make any changes on Mindbody (MBO), whether it's through the MBO app or online, the changes happen across the board and get communicated instantaneously to our software, plus all the apps. AKA the staff see the changes right away! That's why it's always best to do it this way. 

2. Email or Email us

Yeah, sometimes MBO has a brain fart, so the second-best thing to do is shoot us an email at or call us at 510-808-5057. We might not get it instantaneously, but we check email and voicemail throughout the day and we will definitely see it and get back to you in no more than 36 hours.

3. Facebook

Although this might be easy, it is the least reliable. The Facebook page is simply for community shenanigans and it is not an official customer-service kinda thing. Having someone manage our social media for customer service stuff 24/7 isn't a luxury we have just yet, so resort to 1 and 2 and don't assume because you posted on facebook, that it got to us. Lastly, please refrain from facebook messaging our coaches on facebook for gym stuff. We don't ask them to use their facebook for business use. It's that work-life balance thing, ya know?


So yeah, I'm here to help. Just hit me up MBO, email or phone.