The Worse Machine in the Gym

This is without a doubt, the worse piece of fucking machine in the gym and this is why:

the queer gym

1- It mind fucks the shit out of you

I've seen wayyy too many dreams shattered the minute people step on this machine. It somehow sends you on a downward spiral. It makes you feel like all the work you've put in is for nothing. It makes you think, "well why the fuck even try?" I mean, it's not even fucking worth it. REALLY! And really the only reason we have our clients step on this fucking machine is to get your weight so we can use it for a much better machine...I'll get to this at the end.2- 

2- It doesn't give you the real picture

The number that pops up when hop on the scale is not even half of the story. Sure it tells you you weigh 200 lbs, but it doesn't tell you where that weight is coming from. Is it 200 lbs of muscle? Is it 200 lbs of fat? And that is a vital piece of information. 

A better alternative?

the queer gym

Get a body composition machine. Fuck the weight scale. The only thing it's good for is to give you your weight number so you can put it in the body composition machine. The machine asks you for height, weight, gender (I know, I know) and age. It will spit out a percentage number that is a much better reflection of your fitness than just a weight scale. The number it spits out is the percentage of your body that is composed of fat. Check out this chart to help you set some goals. Add if you're wondering how the machine works, here ya go.

The best alternative?

Now the best way to measure your health how good you fucking feel! Now this may sound like some hippie ass shit, but it's the truth! Nothing! No machine can measure your healthy state of self. Only you can! And that is always the best indication that whatever you consider to be your workouts is actually working! 


Hope this helps and fuck you weight scale!