What's A Semi Private Workout Like?

The Consult

We're going to start with a few questions each time:

  • How are you? We wanna know how you're feeling overall? Tired? Stressed? Great? 
  • Are you sore? If you're sore, we want to let it rest and work on something else.
  • When do you work out next? We wanna make sure that if, for example, you're scheduled to take Oakland Booty tomorrow, we don't work out your legs today.


The Warm-Up & Workout

Based on your answers to the previous questions, our Coach will design your workout and take you through the proper warm-up. During the warm-up, our goal is to get your joints, muscles, and heart rate ready for action. 

Based on your answers to the previous questions, we will customize the workout.


The Cool-Down

We're going to take you through a cool-down that may consist of foam rolling, lacrosse-ball rolling, and/or passive stretching. We want to ensure you're mobile the next day. 

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