Hey It's been a while....

and we've been thinking a lot about you. I wanted to reach out and see if you've been thinkin' 'bout us too. OMG. This sounds like a letter from an ex or something. LOL. We're just a gym, standing in front of an old member asking them to come back...

Wow. Ok. we'll stop now. No, but seriously...a lot has changed around here:

  • We have 2 awesome lesbro trainers: Kendra and Rose
  • We have a bunch of new members and the vibe is fire. 
  • This is definitely the funnest the gym has ever been. 
  • We've added a few new classes like Abs & Rolls and Cardi-OH FUCK
  • But mainly, we're just having A. LOT. OF. FUN!

Just give us a chance again to prove it. Let us give you a free month back at the gym for you to see for yourself. Come meet the new coaches and members and try some of the new classes and see that we're everything you always wanted us to be and much more now. 

What do you say? Can we have another chance? Can we hook you up with a free month?

-Nathalie & The Queer Gym


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