2706 Park Blvd
Oakland, CA 94606
United States

Mon – Fri, 6a – 9p & Sat - Sun, 8a - 1p

T: 510.328.1970


Canceling/Freezing Membership: To cancel/freeze your membership, you must fill out the cancel/freeze form in person at the gym or submit in writing to 2706 Park Blvd, Oakland, Ca 94606 at least 30 day before your next billing. Email is not an acceptable form of notice.

You can only freeze for 1 month, unless you have medical documentation. Once the form is received, you will get a confirmation email. To terminate the membership early there is a termination fee of $99. Any changes or downgrades to your membership may result in extended membership term. You will be charged a monthly due plus the termination fee without a 30 day cancellation notice. If you are on a trial, you must submit the form before your trial ends. If you fail to do so, your membership contract will initiate. 

Scheduling: Most of our classes are capped at 12 members or less. In order to ensure there's room for you in a given class, you should reserve ahead of time. If you come to a class without a reservation, you may find the class full, although that rarely happens.  

Rescheduling / No Show: If you cannot attend a class, you must remove yourself 4 hours before. Failure to do so will result in a late cancellation/no show fee of $15. Understandably, life sometimes gets in the way. If unforeseen circumstances arise, please email us immediately at

While we will allow exceptions to our policy for sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, we will not allow excessive or continuous absences. Please don't abuse this policy; it's in place to keep us from penalizing our members who have a legitimate reason as to why they were unable to attend their scheduled workout.


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