The Queer Gym is a space we created free from homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia and gym creepers. It's the perfect gym for people that are just trying to get a good workout without all the extra bullshit queers experience in a regular gym setting. It allows you to build muscle and community with coaches, homos and homies that actually give a damn about you, so you can go back to being a happy, healthy homo again!

P.S. Yes, straight people can come too!

Actually like going to the gym

Who doesn't like going to workout with a bunch of queers and lifting shit to a bomb playlist?!

Workout right every time

No more wondering around the gym hoping you're working out right. We give you a coach for that!

Be hella gay & comfortable

We want you to be you. The gay-er, the better or the ally-er, the better. Be you! 


Get better at "adulting" 

When you workout, you adult better. More focus and discipline are key adulting traits. 

Finally hit those fitness goals

We don't have to fuck around in here with your goals and neither do you. We'll get you there.

Stop wishing. Lez fuckin' do this!

Come on...a queer gym?! It ain't gonna get any better than this! It's like seeing a unicorn!


Try a workout. From top notch queer Coaches to top notch queers and allies, this is the gym experience you've been wishing for. Come see for yourself.

Meet our happy, healthy homos and homies!

What do I get? What does it cost? Is it really as cool as it seems? [Yup. It is]