the queer gym

Our workouts build two things: muscle and community. Each class is capped at 9-12 people and is 50 minutes long. We keep classes REALLY small because it allows us to coach everyone and allows you to make new gym homies.  Each workout is designed in the middle so that we can scale them to your own skill level. Oh, and the music's good.

the queer gym
the queer gym


1. A chill vibe the the moment you walk in :)

2. A tour of our gym and a chance to meet our coaches and members. Everyone's hella cool. 

3. An experienced member partnered up with you for your workout to ensure you have a gym homie from day 1.

Fill out the info and we'll call you to set up a time to come by and try a free class or just come by and chat.

Looking forward to meeting you.