the queer gym
  • Queer coaches that really know their shit and are the friendliest, swaggiest gym partner you’ve never had. 
  • Queer members and dope allies that are welcoming and are just like you.
  • No homophobia, no transphobia, no fatphobia and no gym creepers–  we’re body positive AF
  • No wandering around the gym hoping you’re working out right or getting lost in big ass group class.
  • No more dreading and hating the gym. Reshape not only your body, but your relationship to health and fitness.

This truly is an experience that only we can give you. Come experience the only Queer gym in the Nation. Come on. you know you’re curious…

STEP 1: FREE 6 Week Challenge!

✅ 3 Workouts a week with a Trainer

✅ A Personalized Nutrition Plan

✅ And hella results [fo' real]