It's All About What You Put In Yo' Mouth

In Yo' Mouth is our attempt to get you to eat like you give a fuck. It's an 8 week nutrition program that will not only get you to eat better, but it will drop some major knowledge on how to combine your food with your workouts to get the results you want. We do this with a small group so we can all bitch together and support one another. We hold your hand through the entire thing. We hold you accountable and we're always just one text away. Oh, and the food porn. The food porn, yasssss!


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Week 1 & 2: Prep 

It's really shitty to be like, ready, set GO! And then BOOM, go from one day eating like shit to the next day cutting all sugar away. That makes for a very hangry homo. Instead, we give you 2 weeks to get it together. We walk you through how to clean out your kitchen, grocery shop, meal prep and food log. Basically, these 2 weeks you get to practice before we officially start eating super clean on week 3. This prep time allows you to work out any bugs and/or logistics. Oh and we also take your measurements and take you through an assessment and record your starting point.

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Week 3,4,5 & 6: In Yo' Mouth

This is when shit gets real: NO dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol and legumes. We eat hella clean for 30 days straight. Don't worry, we meet twice a week for face to face group check ins!

  • 1 check a week will be a werk-shop: half workout, half explanation of why you just did that particular workout. Topics include: setting real ass goals, wtf is metabolism really, workout like you know wtf you're doing and cardio correctly.
  • 1 check in a week will be a food swap where everyone brings in a dish to share. Yum!

Checkins are mandatory. PERIOD. You get 2 freebies if you can't make it. After that, we're charging your ass $15 for each time you miss because you're leaving the group hanging. E ach week, 1 person will be awarded a pimped out nutrition prize like cool kitchen gear, grocery gift certificates etc. We're also going to be in constant contact with you through the entire thing.

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Week 7 & 8: The Best Part

The last 2 weeks are about reintroducing food groups to see how your body reacts to it now that you have a clean system. This information helps you decide on what is a sustainable way to continue eating healthy after the program ends. For example, let's say we're going to reintroduce dairy. You eat dairy one day, the next 2 days you eat clean again while the dairy is being processed through your body. During that time, you're seeing how your body reacts. Do you get blooded, rashes, gross poo?! If your body freaks out after eating dairy, now you know your body doesn't dig dairy and you can decide how much of it you want to continue consuming as part of your regular nutrition when the program ends. Get it? Lastly, we take your end measurements and give you your results!


What others experienced with this program:


This is not a weight loss thing.

Weight loss with this program and muscle tone are byproducts of eating better. So, no, this is not about losing weight. You know we're not with that #fatphobia thing. This is about learning more about food and how to nourish our bodies. This is about reconsidering our relationship with food. This is about self love. So yeah, you will drop body fat percentage and some pounds. Other awesome things that will happen will be: learning how to cook, enjoying cooking, no weekend hangovers, fitting into your old clothes, feeling like a fucking rockstar every morning and our favorite, treating your body like you give lots of fucks. So what do you say, you in?



Members: $197.

$147 for the first 5 to sign up.

Guests: $247.

$197 for the first 5 to sign up.