So this is a list of places we would name if someone was like, Hey! Where are all the Queers? And it goes a little something like no particular order.

Well there's no like, LGBT club strip or "Castro" out here, but there is Bench and Bar and Club 21. Bench and Bar and Club 21 is mainly dudes. Club 21 is good for Latino gay dudes who like Banda, and hella latin music. There's a lot of QPOC, but def hella dudes. Follow Valentino Presents.  They have a raw hip hop night called, Rimshot. It can get pretty gritty, but the hip hop is lit. 

There will be an LGBT club coming soon tho. Right next to the Paramount Theater. It's a bar called The Port. No, not Portal. That's a different spot. The Port just opened in July! Wednesday night is girl night. The rest is pretty much dudes. New girl party is there now on Thursday night, it's called @spaceoakland. 

Mainly the "scene" around Oakland is by promoters throwing awesome parties. Follow them.

@Social_Life Chaney is always throwing hella events. She's an Oakland native and is hella proud about it. The parties are poppin'. Look cute, be ready to dance and keep it grown. Again, she throws some good ass parties. She also owns a clothing shop downtown called, TownBiz. You can find some dope ass Oakland fly gear here.

@sf_la_queer_nightlife If you're a Cali queer, you follow this page. It's basically this cool chick, Jenna, yeah white girl, who just reposts hella well, sf and la queer nightlife events, duh. :)

@mangosf Mango is the shit. Primarily girls, trans and QPOC. Hella bomb ass music. Like, EVERYONE looks forward to this party. This is where you take people when they come visit. It's a dive bar in SF. This is probably one of the few things Oaklanders cross the bridge for. Awesome outdoor spot. The shit gets crowded because it's bomb. Oh, it's a day party from 3-8pm.

New day party in SF by DJ Val G: VIDA.

There is hella queer parties in SF, obviously. Tuesday night is ladies night in the Castro, but really it's like 1 bar that has a girl party going on. The rest of them are dudes, per usual. Vice at Q-bar is packed on Tuesday night. Bomb party too. Oh also, there's a women's pick up basketball thing going on in the Castro from 7-9pm at Eureka Valley Rec Center. Some of those girls hoop, then go into the bar for a drink with the homies.

@ajolene For the stuff in SF def follow her. She has a party called UHAUL. Nuff said.

@djvalg, @djmsjackson, @djolgat are bay area djs you should be following too to stay in the know. 

Oh and @Cockblock. Girl party is SF. Hella big. Get there early. 

Join these 2 facebook groups: happy, healthy homos and SF_LA_Queer_Nightlife.

Hmmm, what Oakland. 

Oh, there's a day party called Soulovely. Bomb party. Day drinking and the djs are sick and no one is tripping. It's 420 friendly. It's outdoor. Everything about this party: YASSSSS. Follow @djladyryan. She's one of the top djs and is always spinning. Dope.

There's also Hella Gay in Oakland. 

Oh, Saint Harridan is based in Oakland. If you want a fancy custom suit or wanna check out some hotties in a suit. While you're there go on the other side of the street and check out Show & Tell. It's a queer own swag shop. Next to Show & Tell, you'll find the Laurel Bookstore. Also queer owned and an awesooome book collection. Reading is sexy. Go there. If you also wanna rep Oakland hard, check out Town Biz for Oakland swag by local artists. Not too far from downtown, is Qulture Collective. It's a queer workspace among other things like an event space, coffee shop and gallery.  Oh, you can also visit the lesbian owned, Hive Cafe. Still hungry? Kaibigan has bomb-ass filipino food. Yo! They just won the TV contest, Chopped. 

You're also in Oakland so pretty much you can get a number anywhere around the city. Hmm, this is what I got for ya so far, but I'm sure once you start coming to the gym, you'll be getting invited everywhere, so there's that. Oh, there's also a women's basketball pick up every Saturday. Check them out here. All levels welcome. There's normally about 20-30 people that show up every week. Indoor. 

If you know of something that happening and it's not listed, let us know. 

Here's some randoms:

Go to the lake. It's good for you and it's good to you. Everyone meets someone cool at the lake. It's like everyone's living room. You never know who you'll run into at the lake. It's also a great non-awkward first date idea. I always refer to the lake as "everyone's living room" because it's home-y and chill. 

Haircuts....Slick and Dapper is affordable and Trans owned. @CultureMemberofSociety is awesome too, she's worth the $. 

Anyways, don't forget...JOIN OUR GYM because you need homies to kick it with at these awesome queer Oakland spots! :)

Come Check Out The Gym. 

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