"I joined The Queer Gym 7 months ago. I was new to the neighborhood and newly dumped. I was also working a job that I will charitably call stressful. It was not uncommon for me to be stuck at a computer for 12-hour days, fueled only by the company candy drawer and beer fridge." Read more.


"I joined the gym about 6 months ago because I was out of shape, tired all the time and basically realistic about the fact that my twenties were filled with drinking heavily a few nights a week and eating burritos at 2am and that was no longer a sustainable lifestyle.  I’ve also got a pretty high stressed job that weighs heavily on me a lot of the time and I needed an outlet that was positive." Read more.


Went home to LA over the weekend for Lunar New Year and my sister took me to the straight gym😭😭😭. It was so boring on those machines and the music sucked and no one talks to anyone and people who lift less all go to one secluded corner to be by themselves like😰😰😰??? I am so thankful for our queer gym. You've all spoiled me with the most energetic environment to work out in and I'm so sad mainstream gyms have no idea what they could be if they just stopped playin'!! Anyways love you all!!

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My family doesn’t recognize me. I am untethered from their expectations. I look in the mirror and I see lats, and biceps, and quads, and an ass that I built. I am proud of my broad shoulders. I have facial angles and a hawklike chin. I am excited to get bigger. I am finding space to breathe and be free. I am happy, for the first time in my life.

This is a big fucking deal. Read more.


Rae just moved here from New York and met hella community hella fast. She even found her new apartment through one of the members at the gym who hooked her up. #community



"On October 1, I went to my first assessment day. I was a little nervous going into it, but when I walked in and saw familiar faces I settled in and decided to just enjoy it.  The 10-minute AMRAP showed be that I COULD actually do legit burpees—and more than one at that—which was far from the truth when I first joined. Then it was on to the one rep max discoveries. I was able to deadlift 145 lbs! WHAT??? And 130 lbs for my back squat; you gotta be kidding me!" Read more.



"...As a cisgender straight male, The Queer Gym has been amazing at welcoming and including me in a space that really shouldn't be mine. We live our daily lives in a hetero-normative, male-dominated world, and to enter a space where the norms are love, support, camaraderie, and unabashed queer swagger is such a necessary piece of perspective, one that any man, any straight person, or any cisgender person can learn a lot from." Read More.

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Dr. Sandy | Chiropractor


"To speak to the queer part of the gym: it's one thing to feel that other gym-goers are *tolerant* of your gender or orientation enough that you feel safe in a gym weight room, but it's another (more beautiful and nurturing) thing be be *appreciated* for those things as you thrive in a gym weight room. I look forward to working out here each week!" Read More.