Each time you sign up for workouts on a desktop, you get 1 point. Each point is worth a $1. You don’t get the points if you sign up through the app. Shitty, I know. We’re working to resolve this issue right now.

Account Credit

You can earn account credit when you refer your homos and homies. Example, you get $100 bucks each time your referral signs up.

How to redeem?

You can see and use your reward points and account credit by logging into Mindbody on a desktop or you can buy them at the gym from any coach. You can’t see them or buy stuff. Again, we are working on fixing this.

What Can you Buy?

  • Private Sessions $70
  • Semi Private Sessions $50
  • Guest Pass $10
  • Bars $3
  • Lacrosse Ball $8
  • Foam Roller $15
  • Gift Certificates
  • More coming soon…

What you can’t buy?

  • Membership dues
  • Fees

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