OK, so in 2017 we added a new class called, Cardi-OH FUCK! It’s 50 minutes of straight up cardio! That’s right. Cardio all the time, well, for 50 minutes. Because this is another ENDURANCE class, I bet some of you are like, uhhh don’t we already have an ENDURANCE class? Isn’t that what the Hard Core Homo class is about?

Uh….close, but NO.

The difference?

Hard Core Homo is MUSCULAR endurance. Cardi-OH FUCK is CARDIOVASCULAR endurance.

Both are endurance based, which means that both classes will help you “love someone looong time,” but Hard Core Homo will have your muslces burning, while Cardi-OH FUCK will leave you breathless.

What does a class actually look like?

In Hard Core Homo you’ll do full body weight training workout like pushups and squats with weights. In Cardi-OH FUCK you’ll do more stuff like running, jumping rope, rowing.

So check out and sign up for both classes here and tell us what you think.

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