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You’ll often see a 5×5 in the strength portion of our classes. What the hell is a 5X5? A 5×5 simply means doing 5 sets of 5 reps with each set getting heavier and a significant rest period in between each set. It’s also one of the most basic/classic ways to get stronger (it’s not the only way though.) Here’s 5 things you should know about the 5X5:

1. It’s strength training, but you’re also burning fat

A “5 x 5” gets you stronger by building muscle (no you won’t turn into a body builder). Muscle burns fat. Lesson: the more muscle your body has, the higher your metabolism will be. The more metabolism you have, the more body fat your body burns.

2. Your heart rate should be down

You’re working on strength here, not endurance. Therefore, your heart shouldn’t be racing out of your chest. You should feel nice and rested before your next set. The last thing you want to be is out of breath before you go lift some heavy shit. Relax. Breath. Then lift like a boss.

3. The 3rd set should be the biggest increase

Each set should be increasing in weight little by little, but the biggest jump should happen on your 3rd set because you’re at your peak, you’re past warmed up, but not yet tired out. So if in set 1 and 2, you added a total of 10 lbs…on your 3rd set you should add a total more around 15-20 lbs.  Then on set 4 and 5, go back to adding smaller increments of weight.

4. Don’t be scurred.

I always tell people that it’s better to go for that heavier weight that intimidates you (as you should with everything in life, really) than to sell yourself short and avoid it. If you try it and you were right about it being too heavy, then cool. Now you know where your ceiling is at and you can work towards that.

5. Breath and don’t get mind fucked.

Hearing someone say, “breathhhh,” can be annoying as fuck when you’re trying to lift heavy shit. However, if you’re not properly breathing, it’s likely a reason why you can’t lift that shit. The heavier the weight becomes, the more important your breath becomes. So fucking breath, aight? And yes, your mind gotta be right too. If you step to bar already mind fucked, you’re not gonna lif shit. Remind yourself that you’re a beast and get to it! If you believe it, you can lift it!

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