I never had a “plan” to start The Queer gym—formerly The Perfect Sidekick—it’s all happened organically. As a personal trainer, I knew how to make the gym efficient and get clients results. And as a queer, I knew what my people liked and how to make them tick!

— Nathalie Huerta, Founder

Since its beginning in 2010, The Queer Gym has been a place where queer folks can get in touch with their bodies without the common hassles of straight gyms. No mansplaining, no distracting mirrors, no body shaming, and none of the homophobia and transphobia that you’ll find in “gym bro culture.”

Our community is incredibly diverse, just check out the stats from our last member survey!

We don’t make assumptions about your identity or abilities. Our trainers start every class by asking pronouns, injuries, and an icebreaker. Every class is designed to be flexible enough that members who need to go easy on certain body parts can modify the workout of the day.

We want to be part of creating a world where queer people can feel strong in their bodies, whatever those bodies look like!