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Working out more isn’t always the answer. Not that you can’t workout doubles in a day, but you have to strategize about that kind of stuff and I would recommend you talking to one of our coaches before you go and do all that. In the meantime, here are some things I want you to consider:

Quality Over Quantity

Kudos to the person who comes to 1 class a day and goes fucking hard!!!! That person is getting a better workout than a person who comes to 3 classes a day and half asses all 3 of them.

You’re Going To Fuck Yourself Up

Going hard over an extended period of time is setting yourself for an injury. Your body can only handle so many reps in a day, day after day.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

If you think working out all fucking day is you being hella dedicated to your health and fitness, you’re nuts. Let me ask you this: how much of that time do you spend on your nutrition? Do you prep your meals? Do you cook at home? How well thought out are your trips to the grocery store? Spending time on your nutrition will give you much better results that spending all that time in the gym.

The Only Exception

Now don’t get all fucking excited…and kudos to our members that already truly understand this. In my perfect trainer world, people would stretch twice as much as they worked out, but they don’t. In fact, many ditch the cool down and foam rolling, then it’s those same homos that end up with an injury. No shit! Your body needs the balance of contracting the muscles and stretching the muscles. In fact, most people that start working out should really be starting with stretching/mobility work (and nutrition) than working out and getting your ass kicked. That 9-5 job has been kicking your ass for ages both by sitting all damn day and with those shitty lunches you’ve been eating.

Wow, I’m ranting…but so fucking what?! It’s because I love you dammit! Anywho, so the only exception to taking more than 1 class a day is if one of those classes is a stretching/mobility class like So Knotty or Yoga or even a cardio class like Kick Ass or Dirty Prancing.

So there you go…work smarter, not harder homos!


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