Yes. It’s true. We do have a lot of female identified members, but we also have a good amount of guy members as well. So if you’re a dude—gay or straight—keep reading because you this might be the gym for you. Alright, let’s get to it. So what kind of guys workout at The Queer Gym?

1. The “Not Porn Star Looking” Dudes

Our Queer Gym dudes are not all big and burly and have 6 packs and shit. Those porn looking dudes aren’t working out here. Our dudes are athletic looking, really nice and friendly dudes. We’re not a gym for “cruising,” not to say you can’t pick up a date here, but that’s not our dudes’ main focus. They have a “if it happens, it happens” kinda attitude about it and they’re really here to get in better shape and meet other awesome guys that are also trying to stay active.

2. Skinny/Un-Athletic Dudes

If you’re the skinny dude that’s never been the athletic sporty type, this is the gym for you. See, often people think that just because you’re a dude that you know how to lift weights and shit. That’s not always the case. “Gymtimidation” is just as much a real thing for unathletic guys as it is for anyone else who’s not a “gym buff.” So if sports and weight lifting has never been your thing, holler at us.

3. Straight Dudes

Yeah, we have quite a few straight dudes that workout here. Most of them are our female member’s husbands, fiances, boyfriends or whatever. They come here because they’re cool as fuck, secure, ally dudes who also just want to workout in a welcoming and safe space too.

4. Trans guys, twinks, bears, pet play, gender non-conforming dudes etc.

Basically, my point is that pretty much any dude that is not a gym creeper or a douchebag works out here. So if you know a dude or you are a dude that is looking for a different gym experience, we might just be your next LTR.

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