I want to tell you where Queer 101 came from. See in the beginning we were unofficially known as “the lesbian gym” and when we started to call ourselves an LGBT gym, shit got real. See I was just a really good L, I didn’t too much about the Gs and the B’s and I had no idea how little I knew about the T’s.

At that point, I had to decide if I wanted to just stay as “the lesbian gym” or if I wanted to actually do the work it took to truly be an all inclusive LGBT gym. I wanted to be the real deal and legit, so I was down to do the work.

I called the Lyon Martin clinic and basically was like, “uh I’m trying to do this thing and I need to know what I don’t know. Will you teach me?” They did. I literally sat in the clinic’s director’s office and was put through my very first ever queer 101.

My jaw dropped at how much I didn’t know and this was just on the cultural side. There was still all the clinical stuff I needed to know about, but that would come at a later time. So then I was like ok, cool, now I know…but then I was like, oh shit, my staff doesn’t know and I’m not good enough yet to teach them.

Soooo, I called Lyon Martin again and I’m like, “yeah you know that Queer 101 thing we did, can y’all do that for my staff?” They came out to the gym and put my staff through Queer 101 and since then, they’ve been required to go through this training twice a year.

Awhile ago, we decided to open up our training to the community because even though my staff was now killing it at building an inclusive, safe space…some of my members could use a little queer 101 love. From there,we let our members also invite anyone they thought could use a little queer 101.

And that’s how queer 101 came to be and that’s played a vital role in helping us accomplish our mission of making happy, healthy homos by providing a safe space with a community that gives a damn about you and your goals!

Queer 101 has now taken on a life of its’ own. We currently are working with the city of Oakland and putting their tourism department through Queer 101. We will be working with them on building a queer 101 certification that businesses have to go through in order to be listed on their website as queer owned and friendly business. Business owners and employees will be able to learn about pronouns and how to better serve their queer customers amongst other things.

Crazy how far Queer 101 has come and I’m sure has yet to go. DOPE!

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