The problem with gyms, working out, fitness, getting our shit together, etc., is ACCOUNTABILITY. We don’t all necessarily need it, but we all do better with it. We get that. You join a gym anddddd then you don’t come–but you keep paying every month. That’s whack.

We don’t want that. We don’t want to just take your money and never train you. That’s not a good transaction for us. We want to see your ass each week at the gym. That’s MUCH more fun! So here is how we go about accountability:

Every week we run a report. That report shows who has not been to the gym in the last 2 weeks. If your name pops up on that list and we don’t know where you’re at, i.e. traveling, sick, then we start to….

  • call you
  • text you
  • facebook you
  • tweet you
  • go to bars, find you, and bring your ass back here.

YEAH! Like that! LOL. This is part of the reason that 96% of our members actually come to the gym every week. Sometimes life just gets the best of us and our self-care is the first thing to go out the window, so a little reminder to get your ass to the gym goes a long way for our members.

Insider scoop: Most gym business models are built on the fact that you’re not going to be coming to the gym. And in fact, they DON’T call you in fear that they’ll remind you that you’re paying for something you’re not even using and their phone call will prompt you to cancel. We’re the complete opposite of that. So if regular gyms in the past haven’t worked for you, chances are you might just need a little accountability. We got that for you. All you gotta do is come get it now.

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