Yes, we are the first and only queer gym in the Nation, but for the first 3 years of business we weren’t “out” about it.

We always knew we were gay, but were’nt sure how everyone else would take it.

  • Would we be accepted?
  • Shunned?
  • Are we even SURE we’re the first and only lgbt gym in the Nation?!

I guess that was step 1: find out if we were really the first and only lgbt gym…maybe this was just a phase???

After hiring 2 marketing firms and a shit ton of my own research…YUP! We sure as hell were! There were other gyms that were lgbt owned. There were other gyms that were “straight,” but just in a gayborhood. So yup, we were the first and only lgbt gym and we were ready to come O-U-T BITCHES!

So in year 3, we came out and claimed it! At that point, we were like, HELLLLAAAAA gay! You know when you’re like, just coming out and you just start to vomit rainbows on EVERYTHING! Yeah! Kinda like that. We came out in full force! You could always find us at the clubs, all the prides. If it was gay, the queer gym was there!

And well…not much has changed since then. We’re still hella gay. We’re still the first and we’re still the only. And we’re OUT more than evah.

Today’s National Coming Out Day and if you’re ready to come hang OUT with us, book a workout!

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