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The most difficult part of your first 30 days is finding your sweet spot a.k.a. your threshold a.k.a. the middle point between kicking ass in your workouts and your workouts kicking your ass… and it can be a total mind-fuck.

Yeah, you finally stopped thinking about it….you signed up for the gym and feel hella excited. Then you come in for your first workout and get your ass handed to you. You were sore for days and this is where the mind-fuck begins…

You didn’t realize how badly out shape you actually are. You start to doubt yourself. And how you manage this mind-fuck will tell a lot about your overall success trying to get back in shape.

Some people come in here as former athletes and find themselves humbled after that muscle memory they were counting on left them hanging. Sometimes we get that 30-year-old who realizes they’re not in their 20s anymore. People who are new to working out freak out when they realize what working out is actually like. In general, everyone walks out of their first workout feeling challenged and realizing that we, as your trainers, aren’t fucking around. We’re here to make this happen, but before we do, YOU need to find your threshold.

What’s a threshold?

It’s the sweet spot between getting your ass kicked and feeling like you kicked ass!

Only you can find the threshold. Not your trainer. We can’t feel what you are feeling and we don’t know what your comfort levels are with soreness. We have some clients that like to feel HELLA sore the next day. We have some that don’t. Everyone is different and that is why you, yourself, have to be able to know what your threshold is.

OMG! Once you do, you’re money and it’s on and crackin’!!!

Once you know how much to push yourself, how heavy to lift, how fast to run, how much stretching you actually need, you learn that your only competition is your damn self. You learn not to compare yourself with others who are on their own fitness journey. Instead you learn that our community is here to support your lifestyle changes, not compete with you.

If you can (1) find your threshold, (2) be consistent in your workouts, and (3) have a fucking blast, then you are set up for success.

So good luck in your first 30 days…Don’t let the soreness “mind-fuck” you. Be determined to find that threshold and kick ass!

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