I bet you’re wondering why queers need their own gym or why it’s different. We often get asked, “what makes it a queer gym? Do you guys do, like, queer pushups or something?” Hmm, no. Actually we do the exact same pushups straight people do. LOL. But there is a difference and there is a need for a queer gym. Check it out.


Straight Gym: Hella gender bullshit

Queer Gym: No gender bullshit. We don’t have a men’s bar and a woman’s bar. We just have a 45 lbs bar and a 35 lbs bar. We don’t gender our equipment. We don’t gender exercises either. For example, we don’t do “super-mans.” We do “super-people.”  We don’t do “man-makers.” we do “people-makers.” Hell, we don’t even gender our bathrooms. Those suckers are gender neutral too.


Straight Gym:  Wait. What? Pronouns?

Queer Gym: Pronouns matter here. We think it’s a big deal to get someone’s pronouns correctly. Before every workout, we go around and introduce ourselves by name, pronoun, injuries and some silly ass ice breaker questions like, “are you a big spoon or little spoon?”

Trans Training

Straight Gym: So wait…so do I train you like a boy or like a girl?!

Queer Gym: You can’t just like, walk into a 24 hour fitness and find a trainer that knows how to train someone going through a gender transition, but you can at our gym. Our trainers  specialize in knowing how to train the transgender community. Everything from training while on hormonal therapy to how to prepare for top surgery.

Queer 101

Straight gym: Wait! I know what LGBT is, but what’s queer?

Queer Gym: Every 6 months, our entire staff is required to go through a queer 101 cultural sensitivity training. We open this training to our entire community. Why? Because we believe that true acceptance starts with true understanding. So we just get together, invite in a moderator and have a real and raw conversation about gender, sexuality and anything else we’re curious about within our queer community. This is also where we make some really great allies.


Straight gym: gym bros, gym bunnies, mansplainers and gym creepers.

Queer gym: #nohomophobia, #notransphobia, #nofatphobia, #noislamophobia, #nogymcreepers, #nomansplainers, #straightpeoplecancometoo. Most of us have had some shady experience at the gym where we felt totally out of place, intimidated and even unsafe. We ain’t having none of that shit here. We go out of way to make sure everyone feels safe, included and celebrated. We “vet” every new member to make sure they are here to increase their fitness and expand their community. If you give off creeper vibes…bye felicia!

We Gay Shit Up

Straight Gym: #nohomo

Queer Gym: Us queers, we know how to have a good time…yes, even at the gym. So from time to time, we might hit up the gay club together or find a random reason to workout in a unicorn onesie with our disco light on because why not?!

One thing left to do…

So there you have it folks. Look, we’re the first of a kind gym in the Nation and the best thing we can tell you is to come in and try it. Come in, take a free class and see what the vibe is all about. You’ll quickly see it’s much more than just about working out. It’s about making legit friends and finally finding a healthy space where you belong. Come on. You know you’re curious…

Check us out

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