So here’s what to expect in an actual class:


We get around in a circle and go around sayin’ our name and preferred gender pronoun (she, him, they, etc.), and then the trainer comes up with some silly-ass ice-breaker question to get us to know each other a little better and get the party started riiiggght!


The workout will vary depending on which class you take, but regardless of which class you’re taking, these things will never vary.

  • The workouts will always be designed in the middle so you can scale up or down depending on your level.
  • Modifications will always be available, just ask us for one. Don’t be shy.
  • One thing to focus on here since you’re new to the gym is to find your sweet spot, a.k.a. the middle ground of kicking ass and getting your ass kicked. Once you do, you’ll know how hard to push yourself in your workouts.

The cool-down

Never, ever, ever, just ditch the cool-down. The cool-down should be taken just as seriously as the warm-up and the workout. Most injuries happen right after the workout, and that’s because people just straight out ditch the cool-down!! So don’t ever ditch it, okay? Promise? During the cool-down, we foam roll and we take you through some stretching. We also tell you about the latest events and FYI’s going on!

So there you go! Now go on and book some classes!

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